What am I working on?  Squarely focussed on Ensygnia and our Onescan solution.  

So what is Onescan?

Well, wouldn’t it be great if your customers could purchase your goods and services instantly?

Now they can with Onescan.

Watch the video below to learn how Onescan can help you sell more, more quickly and more often.

Ensygnia allows you to sell instantly from anything.  This includes signs, computer screens, tablets, in-store screens / POS signage / POS Systems / card terminals, posters, leaflets, flyers, NFC, Beacons, SMS, Email, Direct Mail or indeed any other mechanism you can think of that’s used to reach consumers.


This enables retailers to be more like or even better than Amazon.  And everyone can see Amazon are currently doing amazingly well and many retailers are struggling at best and going bust at worst.   

Ensygnia Overview from Richard H Harris on Vimeo.

Onescan – Simple, Fast, Secure™
Ensygnia’s Onescan app makes it easy to register, login, make payments or even buy with just Onescan.

What do I do?
I’m a serial technology entrepreneur, with a solid track record of building and transforming early-stage technology companies. I have been involved in various high-profile enterprises, operating at Board-level to assist companies such as Mint Payment Services, Authenticon, Mobix, Swivel Secureand Clearswift.

In my spare time, as well as enjoying Ceroc & Scuba, I mentor Nicholas Fearn a young man with Asperger’s who’s now a successful freelance journalist.

Specialities: The common thread is taking early stage / cutting edge technology to market, providing expertise to VC / PE investment, and creating commercial strategy and operational infrastructure to drive growth, often with a view to IPO or trade sale. I currently hold board positions with Ensygnia IP and other Ensygnia group companies  and I have invested in a number of early stage companies.

I am adept at developing high-level entry-to-market and commercial strategy to take leading-edge technology to market. I am skilled at assembling, managing and inspiring high performing management teams and embedding performance management across a business to drive superior productivity.

My extensive experience covers funding, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and trade sales; and the ability to create long term business relationships at CXO level with customers, suppliers, strategic partners and indirect sales channels.

Twitter: @TelecomGuru

Interests: Everything and anything, with a leaning towards scientific and technology.

Hobbies: Fencing, Scuba, Skiing, Ceroc, Photography, Digital Art, Composing