Limbcare is a charity set up by Ray Edwards MBE to help the limb impaired.

Ray is the UK’s longest surviving quadriplegic and also a friend. Leading by example, Ray proves it is possible to accomplish and architect great works; even in the face of great loss.  What’s more, Ray is a travelling man.  Remarkably his voluntary efforts includes climbing Kilimanjaro for charity; he and his team raised £86,000. You can read about this and more in his autobiography “I’m Still Standing” (available via Amazon).

Unlike other similar charities, Limbcare helps any Limb impaired person regardless of the cause.  LimbcareOnescanCharityDonationLimb impaired includes amputees or any limb deficient person through birth, illness, accident, wheelchair dependency and those who are members the armed forces as well as those who are not; they also specifically help the children of widows.

I am delighted to support Limbcare whenever possible.

To Donate:

  • just CLICK the padlock (if browsing on your phone or tablet)
  • SCAN (point your phone’s camera app at the QR code)
  • Alternatively simply TEXTLimbcare to 84101.  

On iPhone it works best when you have ApplePay fully configured, but you can use credit and debit cards as well.  Auto-fill is supported, as is the ability to securely store your card for future use.  Just use the iPhone camera app (in picture mode), no download needed.

If you texted, you’ll receive a new SMS, simply click the link in it.  GooglePay2 is supported where available on Android phones.

1 SMS  / TEXT messages charged at your provider’s standard rate or deducted from your bundle.  2 Chrome must be set as default browser for GooglePay

Donations are powered by Ensygnia’s patented Onescan solution.

Ensygnia does not charge Limbcare for this service.  This allows for the highest level of funding to be passed on to Limbcare when compared to other donation methods.  The SMS service is not a premium SMS service and is charged at your standard rate or taken from your bundle.

Since the death of my friend Peter Williams in February 2012, I have had an active interest in supporting mental health charities and raising awareness of the issues and problems associated with vulnerable adults.

Peter is the inventor of the Vortex Hand Dryer, which holds the Guinness World Record for most efficient hand drying.

The 5 day inquest into Peter’s death took place June 3rd 2013, at Dunstable Coroner’s Court. The Coroner, Mr Oldham returned a narrative verdict.

Delivering his verdict the coroner said that Central Beds Council had lawfully set about recovering the debt. The coroner said that while he accepted the medical evidence given that Mr Williams was not suffering from any mental illness, he nevertheless was in a state of “stress, anxiety and depression” over the prospect of losing his 4-bed £200,000 detached-chalet style home at Still Waters, Jubilee Lane, Langford, Beds., where he had lived for 30 years.

Mr Oldham said in the last year he had “dealt” with three railway deaths and he said it was “with undying despair” that, in 2013, society couldn’t offer help to isolated and troubled individuals like Mr Williams. Mr Oldham said Mr Williams took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.

It is worth noting that the role of Coroner is to establish who the deceased was and how, when and where the deceased came by his or her death. It is not within the remit of a Coroner to establish blame and while the Council has been deemed to have acted lawfully that does not alter the fact that Mr Williams would be alive today if a more humane & compassionate approach had been taken at any point up to his eviction.

Wherever and whenever possible I work with Mental Health Research UK and the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust.

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